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On behalf of our team at Zenith Dental Care, we would like to thank you for taking the time to review our site. At ZDC, we take pride in our compassionate, caring and fun environment. We would like to welcome you to our Zenith family. 

Dr. Farhat was raised in Dearborn, MI where he attended O.L. Smith Middle School, and Dearborn High School. Furthermore, Dr. Farhat continues to reside in the city of Dearborn. Upon completing his dental education at The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Dr. Farhat wanted to return to his hometown to give back high quality dental care to the community. 

What is Zenith? Zenith means the pinnacle or the highest point. This is the core of our mission, to provide the highest quality of dental care and elevate the standards and expectations for patients.

At our core, we believe in education. At Zenith Dental Care, educating our patients about their oral health is our primary mission. An educated patient that is able to make informed decisions about their oral health is the best patient. 

Your visit to ZDC will always be comprehensive, thorough and compassionate. Our team will always treat you with the highest levels of passion with the ultimate goal to maintain and improve your oral health needs. 

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